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Name a cooler organisation?We’ll wait!😀

Preparing and distributing 33,000 meals everyday is a lot of hard work for everyone on our team. For the kitchen staff, some days begin as early as 4 am, and while we are passionate and enjoy feeding the future, sometimes a break is very much needed.

We recently had our first ever mental health break – we plan to make this an annual event. During this week-long break, the entire organisation stepped away from the very important and hard work we do and spent time recharging, rejuvenating and spending time with our loved ones. That meant, no emails, no calls, no work. Just straight up R&R.

We asked some team members how they spent their mental health break and what it meant for them:


Francis Ng’ang’a, Loader – “I appreciate the mental health break a lot since I got to spend more time and relax with my family. I also travelled upcountry to see my parents. We got time to interact as we prepared the farm for planting. The break was so necessary with the new term starting!”

Liviya David, Senior Development Manager – ”It was lovely to have a full week to completely unplug from work and use that time to rest and refocus for a busy period that I knew was upcoming for our team. It was an added bonus that everyone embraced the break – there were no urgent emails in my inbox when we came back to work. I think this is something that all organizations should embrace!”

Victor Muthomi, Software Developer – “I travelled upcountry to visit my folks during the mental health break. It was a chance to get away from my normal city life and enjoy some peace and quiet away surrounded by family. The mental health break was a chance to remember what matters most to me, family.”

Samuel Karanja, Kitchen Manager – “I really appreciated the break. It was timely and essential. I got a chance to travel outside the city to reflect on my life where I have come from and set realistic goals for myself. I would wish for it to happen more often.”


We are proud to hold this space for our team to ensure they are getting enough rest so we can continue feeding the future, together!