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African-led school feeding at scale.

See how 300,000 kids Tap2Eat every day

Hungry kids can’t learn.

Without proper food, children lack the strength, attention span and interest in learning. Almost 80% of children in Kenyan public primary schools have no access to a nutritious school meal. Fragmented, small-scale school feeding programs exist, but often operate with limited consideration of the local context or are unaffordable for parents.

We’re delivering affordable, nutritious meals at scale.

See how

Our audacious vision

A world where no child has to learn on an empty stomach.

Full of dietary diversity, a single Food for Education meal gives kids the extra calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and micronutrients their bodies and brains need to concentrate and grow healthy and strong. By 2030, we aim to feed 3,000,000 children a day across 3 African countries. Filling tummies and awakening possibilities.

See our latest success stories

Giga Kitchen

Learn about Africa’s largest green kitchen cooking 60,000 meals a day.

Dishi na County

See how we’re providing daily, hot and nutritious meals in partnership with the Nairobi County government.

How we’re feeding 300,000 kids a day

Physical infrastructure with accompanying supply chain & distribution. Payment and verification systems. Fit for context. Completely optimized.
Mobile payments from parents & smart wristbands on kids complete the process.
New countries. Same blueprint for a high-value, high-efficiency school feeding program. We’re African-led and work in Africa first.

Our mission

Food for Education mainstreams school feeding programs across Africa. From pot to plate, we use technology across our operations. By building smart centralized kitchens we cook and deliver between 10,000 and 60,000 meals per location. We create efficiency, transparency and ease for parents, schools and government partners. Hunger impacts children’s development. And it’s solvable.

Our impact

1.5 million

meals served weekly


children served every school day


increase in enrollment in partner schools

Meet the champions of the school feeding program revolution

We’re part of a growing village that believes school feeding programs solve hunger and knock down barriers to learning.