Our vision

We dream of a society where children are well nourished and have the opportunity to excel in school and improve their lives.

Nutritious meals for better health

We all love a good meal in our bellies! Provision of lunch every school day reduces absenteeism and improves learning ability. The school meal provided at times is the only meal our scholars access.

Mentorship programs

We connect our scholars with local university students who become their mentors. This helps improve students interest in learning, value for education and confidence in their own capacities and attributes improving education outcomes.

Provision of basic ammenities

We provide basic amenities such as sanitary towels to girls enrolled in our program. Providing basic amenities has been shown to improve the quality of education and even health.

Sustainable solutions

The Double Portion Restaurant sells food to people in the community with 100% of the profits made funding our work. Profits from the restaurant cover 62% of our expenditure.

What our children have to say

Read the comments from some of the children we work with.

'Without Food for Education, we would not have made it to high school.'

Agnes and Diana

'The food we eat gives us the energy to learn and play. Our favourite game is football.'

Sam and Henry-Best friends, Class 4.

'I'm working hard to make my dreams come true and I'm glad Food for Education enables me to work towards achieving them.'

Monica- Class 8.